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Events is an application that allows your school to exchange detailed information about events, through calendar functions. This application provides the ability to coordinate events, making them available to your entire community. Details such as time, location, and event description are visible.


  • Different calendar views (by month, year, week or day)
  • Links to more detailed information about each event
  • Content posting by event for display of flyers, and/or links to other web resources
  • Handles repeating events
  • Flags new events
  • Print function for display purposes
  • Instant messages to parents (i.e.- snowdays, upcoming events, registration deadlines, field trip permission slips, pictures from school events)
  • Develop a larger “school community” that is not restricted by the geographic area: grandparents, alumni, two household families, etc.
  • Faster response time and ability to produce high quality professionally designed brochures (eliminates printing costs)

This section will allow a staff member in charge to type announcements so that they appear in a section of the site for viewing by other staff, teachers, students, and/or parents. The announcement section can be added, edited, deleted, and/or recreated at any time, and the product will be dynamically updated and viewed by those who have access to see it.

  • Allows schools and associations to post electronic content on their site for school communities to view and print
  • Some example content: Weekly News, Quarterly Publications, Summer Mailings, Permission Slip forms, other publications and forms that are commonly used
  • Multiple categories of content can be organized in varying locations within your web site for greater flexibility

Allows faculty and staff to create custom web pages visible to parents and other community members without the need to learn programming or to purchase and use programs such as Front Page. Staff can login to an interface and easily create dynamic web pages that include text, pictures, links, and other posted content. Staff can create these pages via a web browser from school or home. Staff also has the flexibility to edit and delete pages from their site. They can customize the look and layout of the site by adding extra rows and columns to each page to make them more functional.


The teacher web page interface allows the teacher to add to each and every page varying content such as:

  • Pictures (upload and organize photos from the classroom in the ClassPhotos system
  • Web reference links
  • Dynamic page creation
  • Built-in ClassCalendar
  • Upload documents into the ClassFiles system

Allows teachers to input grades online using an interactive and easy to navigate grading grid. Interfaces with Student Database module for parent access to report cards, midterm reports, and daily viewing. Administrative interface for creating classes, adding teachers, adding student rosters.


The Grading Interface allows teachers to:

  • Enter/edit custom categories of grades (quizzes, tests, homework, etc.)
  • See percentage or numeral grade summary
  • Add narrative comments for each student
  • Add work habits and citizenship grades
  • View class summaries via PDF format

Allows the parents at your school to update all school data digitally. Allows parent/community to search/query the student database for general information with in the student database such as Names, Emails, Addresses, Phones, etc and view the data in the browser, in PDF format, or as an MS Excel downloadable file. The module allows staff to dump data to MS Excel for easy importability to School’s internal database.


Parents and staff can log in to a secure site and:

  • Update general child information
  • Update a child’s medical information
  • Update a child’s emergency contact information
  • Download enrollment forms
  • View up-to-date progress reports and report cards (when combined with the Grading Interface module)
  • View the school directory

Using the Shopping Cart on your site allows visitors to browse your inventory and pay for multiple items with a single payment.


  • Secure login to backend web site to manage page content
  • Ability to add/delete products and categories
  • Ability to post products to a specific section in the online store (image, description, cost, size, quantity)
  • Email notification of order
  • Order information is posted to a secure web page
  • View/print order information and process credit card external from web site
  • Updates can be done from any computer on the Internet

In order to take a load off the Technology Coordinator or association staff member in charge of technology, schools have found it helpful to have a staff management system that will allow specific individuals the ability to access different modules with varying permissions. The staff directory also allows a public query of all staff members to display phone extensions, email addresses, etc. Through the staff directory an administrator can give certain staff members permission to modify a specific calendar, or post content to the web site.

Take family and community donations online

Take tuition payments online

Collect contact information on alumni to build your alumni database and keep it updated. Allow Alumni to view others from their class year, get in contact with other alumni. Stay posted on alumni events. Send out mass email to school alumni. Builds closer ties with alumni to increase their “connection” to the school and creating a greater pool of alumni giving opportunities.

Allow school families, alumni/ae to post messages within a secure area for others to read (very effective strategy for increasing communication among school community indirectly)

Register for classes, after school activities, special events online

Preview and/or broadcast fundraisers, such as silent and live auctions, food sales, raffles, etc.