CLS has developed a software solution that seamlessly integrates databases into web sites thus enabling management of large amounts of information in an efficient manner. Through the use of multi-tiered queries and custom coding, information can be displayed in a variety of ways. This capability combined with the power of the Internet opens up a broad series of applications.

CLS has worked with clients to develop numerous database related functions including searchable job postings, job enrollment, dues collection, complex shopping carts, display of changing information amongst others.

CLS has helped clients establish custom web applications for use on the Internet and for inter-office applications:

California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) office staff use a custom database interface that allows them to quickly add and edit organizational events on their web site. Upon request, event information is drawn from the database and dynamically displayed on the web site instantaneously. This system allows the office staff to keep web site information current at all times.

In addition, CAIS has implemented an online conference registration system that creates an electronic means for their membership to register and pay conference fees with a credit card. This system greatly eliminated frequent mailings and ultimately reduced office staff workload, thereby freeing more time for pertinent business operations.